Information for Presenters


It would be great if your poster could be in A1 portrait format 

If you wish to print your poster on site, please contact: – please allow sufficient time for this process (Print & Design requests at least 48 hours notice for poster printing)

All presenters are invited to present their posters in both poster sessions                     (Aug 10th in Upper College Hall + Aug 12th in the Byre Auditorium)

Paper Presentations

Symposia – are 2 hours long. Please allow sufficient time at the end to ask and answer questions.

Individual papers – Paper presentations should not be longer than 20 minutes. Please allow five to ten minutes for questions at the end.

Presentations, Slides, and Media

All venues have a projector with HDMI and VGA connectors.                                           We will provide some standard adaptors at the registration desk, but please remember to bring your own.

Some venues (The Byre Auditorium, Psychology Seminar Room, The Byre Studio) will also have a provided PC/media system. These systems have PowerPoint 2010 and Adobe Reader 11. If you wish to use these machines, please find a member of the ESPP team at registration and they will help you to upload your slides. If you are a keynote speaker or participating in an invited symposium, you can also send us your slides beforehand and we will upload them.

Microphones will also be available.