Welcome to the webpage for ESPP 2016!

ESPP 2016 is the 24th annual meeting of the European Society of Philosophy and Psychology, taking place in St Andrews, Scotland

August 10th – August 13th 2016

Registration – will take place on Tuesday, Aug 9th: 6 pm – 9 pm & Wednesday, Aug 10th: from 8:15 am on the upper level of the Byre theatre  (upstairs if you are coming in from Abbey Walk, level if you’re coming in the back way from South Street)

Keynote speakers:

Invited Symposia:

  • The Nature and Evolution of Culture                                                                      Organiser: Andrew Whiten; University of St. Andrews
  • Lessons from Epistemology for Developmental Psychology                             Organiser: Aidan McGlynn; University of Edinburgh
  • Animal Communication                                                                                         Organisers: Amanda SeedVerena KerskenDerek Ball & Juan Carlos Gomez; University of St. Andrews
  • Bodily Awareness                                                                                                 Organiser: Louise Richardson; University of York

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